What are thrombosed hemorrhoids, how to stop the bleeding and the best treatment recommended for thrombosed hemorrhoid

What are thrombosed hemorrhoids?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are basically external hemorrhoids but worse. External hemorrhoids can become thrombosed when blood clots develop inside the lump itself. This makes the lump extremely tender. Large blood clots can be very painful during bowel movement, walking or even sitting.

What treatment should I use on thrombosed hemorrhoids?

For external thrombosed hemorrhoids the regular treatments such as leaving it to heal on its own, applying witch hazel cream, and taking a warm bath can be used. However if the hemorrhoid is too painful to bear, then doctors will usually recommend that the blood clot, or thrombosed hemorrhoid be surgically removed to avoid rupture, bleeding and further damage.

What types of surgery are there?

Depending on the doctor’s preference, these are the 3 main surgeries that are typically used on thrombosed hemorrhoids.

  • Clot Removal – Is a minor external thrombosed hemorrhoids surgery that is easy to perform and can even be done in the doctor’s office. The doctor will simply apply some anesthetic around the area of the hemorrhoid, and then the clot will be cut out.
  • Injection Therapy – The official name for this is sclerotheray. It is also called injection therapy because for this treatment a hardening agent is injected into the thrombosed hemorrhoid which will cause the hemorrhoid to shrivel up.
  • Infrared – This treatment is used on smaller thrombosed hemorrhoids. Basically infrared light is used to burn off the hemorrhoids.

Regardless of the types of surgery you go for to cure your thrombosed hemorrhoids, you will end up paying thousands for medical bills, not to mention the pain and embarrassment you will have to go through. What you need is a natural way to cure thrombosed hemorrhoids.