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Testimonials from Hemorrhoids Patients

I am young ,in my mid twenties so hemorrhoids is a totally untouched subject with my peers! i have suffered alone and embarrassed for years. all the “down-there” problems started after my first pregnancy. and to my surprise there were not a lot of remedies, home, over-the-counter, or prescription that worked; none infact!

My hemorrhoids were so painful that someday i could not get out of bed. i would just lay there in pain all day trying everything i could think of, sadly with no relief. i had to cancel dinner dates, nights out with friends my husband even had to miss work a few times because i wasn’t even able to care for my new baby somedays. and as for special time with my husband (you know what i mean) forget it! there was virtually no intimacy and to make matters worse most of the time i just said i had a headache or that i was too tired, because i was to embarrassed to say ” hey honey my hemorrhoids are really acting up tonight”. it just didn’t make me feel attractive at all.

But then one day as i was imprisoned in my home by my hemorrhoid pain i happen to run across this website. it was the only one out of the hundreds I’ve seen that the testimonial page was REAL! not a bunch of paid product promoters saying “our stuff really works”. so i ordered the neo healer, both the suppositories and the cream. that day it came i was at the end of my rope. i was sitting on my couch sobbing because i had to walk out of the grocery store and leave behind a cart full of groceries. the store was busy and the lines were really long and my hemorrhoids had become so unbearable that i couldn’t stand there not one more moment!

Just as i was feeling hopeless there on the couch, i got a knock at the door. i almost didn’t answer it because i didn’t want to stand (the pain was unimaginable) but i did. Boy am i sure glad i decided to answer the door it was the mailman with my neo-healers. i grabbed the box, shut the door in that poor mailman face and ran to the bathroom. i tried the suppositories first and i was TOTALLY AMAZED!!!! only a few minutes after try that first suppository the pain just melted away. after an hour i started to cry, my husband said “honey whats wrong, is your….you know….bothering you again?” i said no, no my hemorrhoids are not bothering me at all. for the first time in 2 years i can’t feel them at all! he looked at me, puzzled and said ” well why in the heck are you crying” i said because i’m so happy. i fell like a young woman again!

This product works,, thats all there is to say about it. IT WORKS! i tell everyone i know who suffers from this debilitating and embarrassing condition, try neo healer! before you even think about surgery neo-healer. what have you got to lose?


Okay, I was skeptical – but I have to admit, this stuff works wonders. I experienced almost immediate relief from the pain and itching, and after only two days, the swelling has gone down substantially.

Congratulations on accomplishing with four simple ingredients what all the high-and-mighty pharmaceutical corporations with all their high-tech chemical formulations failed to do.

I’ll be happy to recommend this product to others.

KJ McElrath

Dear Sir,

I have been suffering from hemorrhoids/anal fissures for the past two months…..When I went to the American Hospital in Dubai, they prescribed the “Neo healar ointment and suppositories”

I was surprised that an American hospital in Dubai is prescribing a traditional / herbal medicine……but believe me it has worked wonders for me……

I have used it now for 4 days only and the size of the hemorrhoid has shrinked and the itching and pains are almost gone… told me that it will take one month to go….but it has almost gone in less than a week….IT IS JUST A MIRACLE ..AND THE WEBSITE TESTIMONIALS ARE TRUE….

I really thank from the bottom of my heart to the one who has invented till the one who has prescribed this medicine to relieve my severe pains and sufferings…..

Thank you Neo healar…

Ravichandran, Dubai

Neo-Healar is unbelievable! My hemorrhoid problems were getting worse and worse. I went to a doctor and I was prescribed an ointment but it didn’t work. I didn’t have the money for surgery so I stumbled across your product on the internet and thought I’d give it a try. The price was so minimal that I didn’t think it would work. Approx. 2 days after I started using Neo-Healar the symptoms started to subside and within a week they were gone!! Now when I have an occasional flare-up, I use Neo-Healar, knowing I’ll be fine within a couple days. You’ve done a great job of R&D in developing this product!

Pete Boulder, CO

hello…just want to say that I got my order today…and i want to tell you that your product is AMAZING!!  after using your product i got instant relief…even after going to the gym i still had no problems with inflamation…i wasn’t able to go to the gym for 3 weeks prior due to my condition…I want to thank you…a little bit of advice…maybe you should say on your website that the product is coming from overseas and thats the reason for the long delay……THANKS AGAIN


Dear Admin,
Last year, I order 1 tube 30g ($29), it worked perfectly. After using it for 3 days (3 times/day) hemorrhoid seemed disappear. I felt so good after 3 years of suffering.

I also went back order the 89.99 package (buy 3 get 1 free) to share it with my relative reserve one for me in case I need.

Today, another of my friend also asked me about which medicine I used. I went back to your website and realized that I haven’t given back feedback to you yet.

Paul Nguyen, Morgan Hill, CA

Dear Neo-Healer, I absolutely had to contact you to tell you how well your product worked for me. I have been suffering from NUMEROUS rectal fissures/leasions due to a reaction to an antibiotic I was prescribed June of 2006. My pain and bleeding was so severe at times that I was admitted into the hospital and had weekly visits to my colon rectal doctor for cauterizing, pain killers, anything that would help give me relief. I even changed colon rectal doctor to try 3 different doctors because they kept prescribing me medicines that were ineffective. I also tried various products that people had suggested that were more natural, non worked for me. This whole process went on for 12 months and I was NOT getting any better. When I had a bowel movement I wiped blood, lots of it, and….I had enough pain that I cried every morning and lost nearly 20 pounds. The doctors finally told me that my only answer was “rectal surgery.

I did not want that so I looked on the web and found your product and re ad your testimonials. I was very skeptical since I have had 12 months of disappointment, can you blame me? Anyway…..since I have used your product I have greatly improved and had improved enough in a 2 week period that I was able to backpack the mountains of Italy for 20 days carrying a 35 pound backpack. Prior to that 2 weeks I was very doubtful that I would even be able to make the trip (it was for my 50 th birthday present). Your products added weight to my backpack but I was very confident that the weight was worth it since I could rely on it for any relapses while in foreign territory. I started at the 3 times per day suggestion and went down to 2 times per day while backpacking. I am now down to using it 1 time a day since my rectum is still in the healing process, it has now been 6 weeks since I first started your product. Thank you very much for being able to offer your product. The only improvement(s) would be that the tubes that the ointment comes in is made out a material that did not leak and that the shipment did not take so long.”

Vikki Maks

I love the Neo Healer! I was at the end of my rope and I thought that surgery was going to be my only option until I tried your product. Within one week I was feeling great and pain free! I will always keep Neo Healer on hand in my medicine cabinet! Thanks Much!

Kelly from Michigan

let me start with a brief history… im a single working mother.. i happen to work in a small rural hospital so i see my doctor on a regular basis.. and we have tried everything that is out there on the market.. i had hemorrhoids off and on for years but about 3 yrs ago i started having sever trouble.. i was even hospitalized and had to receive 3 units of blood because of the bleeding i was having.. we tried the rubber bands but they didn’t work or the hemorrhoids couldn’t be reached.. i have them inside and out… my last resort will be surgery.. my insurance considered it a pre exiting problem so they will not pay… and i cant afford the weeks off work anyway… i saw this product and thought it probably was a joke but i didn’t have anything to lose.. why not try it…. i have been using it for a week now… i immediate got relief with the first use.. the pain decreased dramatically.. and i am totally shocked at the speed that the swelling has gone down… they haven’t ever been this small in years…i told my doctor that i had ordered this product off the internet and he laughed.. when i go to work tonight.. im taking the product with me and i am going to make an appointment for him to check them.. i think he will be shocked… i still have some bleeding but nothing like i did.. if i start hurting i just use the product.. it said to use it 3 times a day but i haven’t had too.. thank you so much.. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. i will order some more i have hope for the first time now that they may go away… and i will recommended this product to the nurses at work.. i know several that have this problem… but i am still amazed i had hemorrhoids very badly.. i thought surgery was the last resort.. thank you so much

aw watt arkansas

I just had to write and say “THANKS!”. I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid 6 years ago and had the doctor “take care of it”…ouch! The pain and itching went on for days, even after the surgery. I tried your product and enjoyed almost instant relief and the second “thrombosed” hemorrhoid has almost disappeared after only a few days of applying you “wonder” ointment !!

You guys put the popular product (with an “H” in the name), to shame!! Far superior !!

I never want to be without a tube of your ointment so I am taking advantage of your ‘special’. It is so rare that one purchases a product that really works! And, it is all natural ! Thanks.

Max from New Hampshire, USA

Just wanted to let you know that this product has helped me incredibly. I have suffered from painful anal fissures for the past 5 years and recently became incapacitated from them. I tried everything available from the medical community and from a wholistic practitioner to no avail. I was set to revisit a surgeon, to have a procedure that I did not want. As a last resort, I ordered your product. I did not experience immediate relief, but over the course of three weeks, I began to improve. After 4-5 weeks my life returned to normal. I now am completely healed and can eat any foods without discomfort….for the first time in almost five years! I will not be without your product. I use it once or twice a week as a preventative. THANK YOU for this healthy natural product that allows your body to heal itself.

BB Georgia

Already after a couple of days, all symptoms were gone!! And now it is gone. Neo Healar is a wonderful product! thanx

Liv Belgium

This stuff works, I have suffered from chronic anal fissure off an on for years. After nearly two years of pain and discomfort I had all but given up on a cure having tried all sorts of ointments and creams. I came across your product on the internet and thought I would give it a try as I was desperate and it couldn’t be any worse than those which I had already tried. The results while not immediate were impressive, after about a month and two tubes of ointment the fissure has all but gone and the anal muscles are beginning to relax bringing much relief. This without any of the side effects (stinging, headaches etc) some of the other anal fissure ointments give.

Phil P, New Zealand

I received your product and am very impressed with it’s results, thank you.

Dwain Hill

I have suffered with hemorrhoids since I was 16 years old, I Am now 55 so I had tried all kinds of hemorrhoid products. I tried neo healer and I wanted to just say it really works.I feel so much better. Thanks Sooooo much.

Joyce, virginia

I would be very pleased for you to use this testimonial. I have had problems with hemorrhoids for two years. Pretty much a constant itch really. It reached the point that I had kind of accepted my life as I knew it was over, and from here on in, at the grand old age of 35, I would be forever with an itch 24/7. I had become quite reclusive because of it, and had tried over ten different products, quite a few of which were purchased over the internet, all to no avail. Following two steroid injections, and the seemingly only other option of expensive surgery, it all seemed pretty dismal. I was impressed by your website, but still skeptical because I had tried a lot of other remedies that offered a money back guarantee and 100% success rate. I really can’t express how grateful I am. Within 24 hours it became clear that this product does exactly what you say it does. For the first time in two years I am 100% free from itch, and I have my life back! Thank you so much.


I bought 4 tubes of Neo-Healert ointment about a year ago and had instant relief from itching around the anus. Over a period of years it had become so intense and severe that I knew I couldn’t go on with any kind of normal life. At only age 48 I was desperate. As I had already tried all sorts of other creams and none of them worked I thought I had nothing to lose. I was very wary of ordering an unknown product over the internet. The order arrived within a few days and I had relief for the first time literally within minutes. This is truly a great product and does everything it claims. My life was becoming unbearable but since then I have been back to normal. Occasionally I get a little bit of itching. I apply some of the ointment once and it clears it straight away. I decided to add my testimonial for the sake of others needing help and wary of placing an order. Just do it, you won’t be disappointed.

John Flynn

I have been using your product for the past 2 weeks. The bleeding, discharge and pain has already stopped. I do not feel the burning sensation hours after I use the bathroom anymore! I am also beginning to see a decrease in size. I’m buying another bottle just in case! Thank you so much, you have no idea what you’ve done for me!

Tammy, FL

Actually, I am Maeta Emmons. I’ve had H’s for about 45 years – non-painful as a rule. Partially internal, partially external. But being 65 now, I got the silly (maybe not so silly) thought that if I ever needed to have personal care, the person giving that care might not be as fastidious as I am in cleaning that area – so I had considered surgery, but had heard something about a non-surgical H reduction – couldn’t get any info on that, so went online and found your ointment. Planning on doing two or three applications a day for the three weeks, I began – and discovered after three applications these very old H’s were already shrinking.

Maeta Emmons

I have suffered with hemorrhoids since the birth of my first child 14 years ago. Like most, I have tried everything, including doctor prescribed medication. NOTHING worked! I was at my wits end and didn’t think I could last another day with the unbearable itching. I found your product on the internet, read all the testimonials and figured since you have a money back guarantee, I would take a chance.

The testimonials to your product are all TRUE! This is the most amazing product I have ever used. It worked immediately! I thought I would have another week or so of suffering until the product started working, but I’ll tell you, within seconds I felt better than I have in 14 years!!!! I didn’t suffer much pain from hemorrhoids, but the itching was unbearable. I was constantly cranky and irritable from it. I thank you and my family thanks you, I am a new person!

I am already back on your website today stocking up on more product, even though it has just been a week since I got my first shipment. I don’t ever want to be without this product, in case I ever get a flare up.

It is wonderful to finally find a product that does what it claims and more!!


Sandy | OH

Thanks Neo-Healer… you make me feel brand new… I’ve hemorrhoids since 1991.. It’s cause by I work as general worker that have to lift 80kg thing everyday… After I’ve try this product, my pain gone… Thanks again.. don’t know how to say anymore… thanks, thanks, thanks

Saiful | Malaysia

This product you have sold me is the best I’ve ever used.the pain relief was almost instant. I’ve suffered with hemorrhoids for 25 yrs and have tried all the over the counter more pain in the butt.

Harry | NC

I’ve had hemorrhoids for the last 25 years, and I tried everything off the shelf, and I’ve tried about a dozen different ointments from the doctors on prescriptions, nothing worked, it relieved the pain and itching for a few minutes, but it came right back, then I saw your ad on the web, and I said to myself, what do I have to lose ? I’ve tried everything else, well I can tell you it was a blessing, it was the best move I ever made, when I received my first tube of Neo Healer, I put some on, and in 2 minutes the pain was gone and so was the itching, I used that tube and I’ve just about finished my second tube, and I can tell you the gospel truth, my hemorrhoids are completely gone, I reordered the 3 tube special with one free, and I’ll make sure I have some on hand all the time, whoever is responsible for this cure, let me thank him/her or them from the bottom of my heart, I feel I’m among the living now.

Patrick Cormier | Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, Canada

I just want to say I was Leary at first by ordering a product over the internet, however, I ordered your product as I had bleeding hemorrhoids which I could not stop with traditional products.

After trying your product for (4) days, my bleeding has stopped and the pain is almost gone. I like it so much that I ordered some for down the road in case I have this problem again.

Thank You!

Ron | Oakdale, CA

The product arrived on the 4th, and was used right away with great effect! :o)What a relief for my husband!

Christel | MD

After suffering with hemorrhoids for over a year and thinking I was going to be with them forever I started searching the internet for things to try and your product fortunately for me was my second try and my last…..IT IS WONDERFUL!!…..I like most people was skeptical but was also desperate to try anything….Your product is great and my advice to anyone who is out there and suffering…..GO FOR IT……in about a months time they were gone and to begin with the hemorrhoid was probably the size of a large green grape……I went through the itchy thing but that was at about a month into the treatment and so I stopped using the cream and that was back in May and……. THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED(knock on wood)……THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A PRODUCT THAT WORKS………..I am so Greatful you have no idea…


I have used you product for just over a week and have found incredible relief. I was very skeptical when I placed the order but needed to try something. It has worked wonders. So much so that I have just place an order for 3 more tubes. I am not sure how much longer I will need to continue using it but it is a problem many people have and don’t talk about.

Daniel | MI

I want to just let you know your product works wonders! I was having big time pain for the last few years and this is the first medicine to help me get back to excersicing and just not dwell on the pain anymore. I am so glad I just took the chance and bought this and it works fantastic! I was beginning to think that nothing was going to help cut the pain down but neo-healer is fantastic!

I CAN NOW go out and jog, skate, or even the movies!! Thanks for getting rid of the pain I was having!!!

Bob M. | Boston

Hi Just wanted to say THANKS for a wonderful product. After a year of going to the doctor using prescriptions with no relief I luckily found your product. I was to the point where I was going to go for surgery. I am so glad I didn’t have to. I will never be without your product again. Thanks!

The first thing I want to do is tell you I’m sorry. My name is Melissa L and I received my order two days ago and I sent you a very rude letter saying I wanted my money back. I came home after having a bad day a work and was surprised to find that the product was from another country (although I don’t know why that made me angry) and I feel terrible, as I took my bad day out on you and wrote you a rude letter, and for that I am so sorry. Later that night I realized I had been completely unfair to you and your product by not even giving it a try. So I tried it. I have a fissure and hemorrhoids and I have only been doing this for two days, but I want you to know that your product is the best I have ever used! No pain for the first time in months! So, I am definitely NOT sending my product back and I hope you will keep up the good work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Melissa L. | MO

Your hemorrhoid cure is simply wonderful. I used it for 5 days and there’s no more bleeding and pain now. I have suffered from hemorrhoids for the past 3 years and no other cream has ever worked for me. All they did was temporary pain relief. I was skeptical when I ordered your product but I am 100% convinced now. Your product is the best hemorrhoid treatment I have ever tried. Thank you so much.

Elaine | NY

I have been having hemorrhoids for the past 8 months. A few weeks ago, I went to see my doctor and he recommended me to go for rectal surgery. I panicked! Then, I found your product on the internet. I used it as a last resort and was totally amazed with the results! I have seen a great improvement since then. I no longer bleed and my hemorrhoid is almost gone.

Craig Austin | TX

I would strongly recommend your product to all hemorrhoids sufferers. Fast, easy to use and effective. Thanks for getting rid of my hemorrhoids.


I had a hemorrhoid surgery one year ago. That was one of the most painful experience I had ever gone through. I thought everything will go well after my surgery but boy was I wrong. I had hemorrhoids again just 9 months after my surgery! No way was I going for another painful operation. So I decided to try using your cream. And I am glad I did. Not only was it painless, it was also much cheaper. Thank you so much…

Mrs Mahony | London

My hemorrhoids was so bad that I could hardly walk. Before using your cream, I had to give up all my favorite sports like cycling, jogging, swimming and horse riding. Life was MISERABLE. But thanks to your hemorrhoids cream, I am now feeling 100 times better. I can run, sit and have my active lifestyle back.

Smith | CA

I was just 19 and I have hemorrhoids. I always thought hemorrhoids happen only when you are old. I was so embarrassed about it. Luckily, I found your product in my mother’s drawer and decided to give it a shot.

Andrew Mitch | Canada

I bought your hemorrhoids cream for my husband who has been suffering from hemorrhoids for three years. Just after a few days of using it, the bleeding stop and the pain disappeared! And now, after 2 weeks, the pile is almost gone. He loves your product so much that he has asked me to stock up a few bottles at home!

Sally Fields | Boston, MA

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