Hemorrhoid treatments for internal and external hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a medical problem that is usually resolved by our bodies without any treatment or intervention. However there are cases where the hemorrhoid hurts too much or a case where the problem persists, that’s when you will need to seek hemorrhoid treatment.

Some treatments are meant to cure hemorrhoids altogether but others are aimed at relieving some of the pain and irritation. The following are just a few common hemorrhoid treatments recommended.

1. Taking a Sitz Bath

The simplest hemorrhoid treatment is the sitz bath. All you need to do is to soak in your bath filled with plain warm water for about 15 minutes several times a day. This treatment will not only reduce any itching or pain your might feel but also reduce the size of the hemorrhoid and slowly curing you of your problem. This treatment can be used for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

2. Using Medicated Pads

Medicated pads that contain witch hazel should be used after bowel movement. Avoid using regular dry toilet paper because it will irritate the external hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is a key ingredient to this medication and is recommended because it is an astringent that will help reduce the swelling as well as the pain of having hemorrhoids.

3. Using Cream

Hemorrhoid creams can also be used as a form of treatment. This type of medication can help greatly in easing friction and are great for getting rid of irritation. Certain creams even numb the pain nerves to provide greater relief. However before you use these creams as treatment, it is advisable to get a prescription from your doctor to ensure that the cream you get is most suited for your condition. Also remember to check for any content in the cream that may cause an allergic reaction that could make your hemorrhoid condition worse. You can use Healar cream for hemorrhoids treatment as it is one of the best way to prevent hemorrhoids. You want to buy Healar cream Order Now!

4. Eat More Fiber

There are some people who recommend consuming fiber supplements daily as a form of hemorrhoid treatment. Consuming more fiber can help soften the stools and ease the strain of bowel movement and avoid aggravating your hemorrhoids even more. However this treatment is better used as a preventive measure to avoid the recurrence of hemorrhoids.