Neo Healar

FAQs on Neo Healar Hemorrhoids Treatment

Q1. How does Neo Healar work?

Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment cream works on a unique three-pronged principles to treat hemorrhoids:

  • Soothe: Neo Healar gives a cooling sensation and soothing effect to calm inflamed tissues immediately upon contact. Hence, you will get instant pain relief and can reduce your swelling rapidly with no skin irritation.
  • Heal: Neo Healar has effective anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic medical properties to accelerate the anal skin healing process. It also helps to restore dilated and inflamed veins to the normal condition.
  • Repair: Neo Healar will improve blood flow to the ano-rectal area and for repair of damaged tissues. It contains emollient properties that keep bowel movement moist and stimulate rapid granulation and formation of new tissues.

Q2. Why use Neo Healar when there are other prescription and over the counter drugs?

Neo Healar is uniquely formulated with four natural herbs. It is 100% natural and contains no drugs unlike other products in your drugstore. It is a very effective hemorrhoid treatment formula with a success rate of 93.7%, compared to 55 – 70% in other products.

And most importantly, Neo Healar is designed to treat all stages of hemorrhoids completely, from just mild hemorrhoid symptoms to serious anal fissures where surgery is usually inevitable.

Q3. You have two products, the ointment and suppositories. Which one should I use?

Generally, the ointment is the main one you should be using as it can be used to treat all kinds of hemorrhoids – external and internal. The suppositories are optional supplementary treatment used to boost the healing process when you have internal hemorrhoids or anal fissures. (Note: the ointment may be applied internally with an applicator that is enclosed free with the pack).

Q4. How do I use the product?

You can apply topically on external hemorrhoids using your fingers or intra rectally using a special applicator provided free with the pack.

Q5. How soon can I see results?

The results will vary from person to person. Most people will experience instant relief by using Neo Healar. After just a few days, bleeding, pain, irritation, discharge will start to go away and the hemorrhoids will shrink in size. This healing process will continue and it will take you anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks to cure your hemorrhoids completely.

Q6. How many bottles or suppositories do I need?

The ointment (30 gram) should last you about 2 to 3 weeks. It should be enough to treat your hemorrhoids if it’s not too serious and your immune system is good. For serious bleeding hemorrhoids or anal fissures, it will take longer to heal and you may need more than a bottle. As for suppositories, it comes in a pack of 10 and can be used for 10 times. Depending on the seriousness of your hemorrhoids, you may need 1 to 3 packs of suppositories.

Having said that, the complete elimination of hemorrhoids may take as long as 5 weeks, depending on your immune system and diet. In that instance, you would need a second bottle. Also, it is always wise to keep a spare bottle handy as hemorrhoids may recur.

Q7. I am pregnant. Can I use your product?

As we have yet to establish 100% safety of use during pregnancy, we do not advise using Neo Healar when pregnant.

Q8. How is my order processed?

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Paypal, our authorized online payment provider. We will process your order within 1 to 2 business days (weekend and public holidays excluded). You will then receive a shipping confirmation email once your order is shipped.

Q9. I don’t have a credit card. What other payment methods do you accept?

If you don’t have a credit card or prefer not to order online, you can always send us a bank draft, international money order and other forms of international payment. Please contact us for specific payment instructions. Once we receive your payment, we will ship your order. Note: we do not accept telephone order currently.

Q10. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we sell and ship globally. And the good news is, it’s a fixed flat shipping charge, no matter your shipping address. So go ahead and feel free to order now!

Note: At this point in time, you can only order our products via this website and not from any retail stores.

Q11. How do you ship my order?

The standard shipping method is first class registered air mail.
Please provide your telephone number in the “Special Instructions” section of the order form so that we may contact you for delivery if required.

Q12. How long does it take for me to receive my order?

On average, it will take you 10 to 12 business days to receive your order. Note: weekends and public holidays excluded.

Q13. I have not received my order. Where is it?

While we take every effort to ensure prompt delivery of your order, your patience is much appreciated. In 99% of the time, your order should reach within the stipulated time frame.

In some rare cases, your order may not reach you in time due to various reasons, such as custom clearance delays, etc. In this instance, please contact us so that we can investigate the matter. But please be patient and contact us only after the specified shipment date.

Q14. How does your guarantee work?

We offer a 120 days no question asked money backed guarantee. If you are not happy with Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment for whatever reasons, you can return to us for a full refund (less shipping and handling).