External hemorrhoids – know the causes, symptoms and treatments of this form of hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are a form of vericose vein. They occur when the veins in and around the rectum and anus become swollen. External hemorrhoids are located near the anus and feels like a large lump. It is sensitive to the touch and will bleed if it is ruptured.

Causes of External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are commonly caused by too much pressure in the rectum. This will force blood to stretch and bulge in the walls of the veins, sometimes rupturing them. The most frequent causes of external hemorrhoids are as follows:

  • Pregnancy
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Constant sitting

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of external hemorrhoids are much more obvious than those of internal hemorrhoids:

  • Bleeding: Usually seen after bowel movement and a common symptom of hemorrhoids. There will be blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.
  • Pain: External hemorrhoids are extremely painful. This is the common reason why external hemorrhoids are detected.
  • Itching: The anus area may feel a little irritated and itchy. Do NOT scratch it even though the urge to do so is very strong.
  • Lumps: Sensitive lumps around the anus are also an obvious symptom that you have external hemorrhoid.

Treatments for External Hemorrhoids

  • Sitz Baths: A Sitz bath is the simplest of treatments. All you need to do is soak in warm water for approximately 10 minutes or so to relieve the swelling and pain of hemorrhoids. This treatment is especially good for prolapsed hemorrhoids.
  • Most Wipes: Wiping with toilet paper that is dry may irritate external hemorrhoids. Instead, use moist wipes or just wash down after bowel movement. Medicated pads containing witch hazel (a natural medication) can also be bought from pharmacies. It can help reduce the swelling of your hemorrhoid and more importantly, relive some of the pain that comes with having external hemorrhoids.
  • Ice Packs: Ice packs is a temporary treatment that can also be used to relieve some of pain and swelling caused by external hemorrhoids.
  • Applying Cream: Creams that treat external hemorrhoids should be available at any pharmacy. Almost any cream containing witch hazel will work and help reduce the swelling, itching and pain of the hemorrhoid lump.